Austrian Heartbeats #2

CD | col legno | 2015

Austrian Heartbeats #2: selected by Georg Friedrich Haas

Georg Friedrich Haas believes that “just as there is no guarantee of happiness in life, there is no recipe for art.” The creative process itself has many obstacles, but the path to presenting a composition to a wider public can also be quite rocky – and this phase also holds no guarantee of success. Reason enough to launch a CD series featuring contributions by young music creators selected by renowned curators. Guided by microtonal layers, the composer Georg Friedrich Haas has followed his own creative path, and as a lecturer at international universities he guides aspiring representatives of his craft in the pursuit of finding their own artistic language. This compilation, which was hand-picked by Haas, speaks to the variety of individual approaches by these young composers: Marco Döttlinger, Peter Jakober, Hannes Kerschbaumer, and Manuela Meier. Although this show of musical force strives to reach a larger audience, it is still no guarantee for an increase in recognition. It is, at best, an incentive to make further projects a reality.

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